Defence In-Water Engineering Support

Shearwater Marine Services has a long history of providing diving and engineering services to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and its industry partners, specifically for the RN submarine fleet. We are committed to providing quality, reliable service and are known for our dedication to risk management, safety, and technical proficiency.  

Defence Diving & Marine Engineering specialists

Since 1994, Shearwater has been providing support and has established itself as the primary diving contractor for marine and diving operations in HMNB Clyde, RNAD Coulport, and Rosyth Dockyard. Providing infrastructure inspection and maintenance management along with diving and engineering services to the Royal Navy fleet, Shearwater has continuously worked with the MoD and defence contractors to develop unique techniques and processes to minimise costly program impacts and delays, to the UK's CASD.

Shearwater's experience has helped the company develop and sharpen its perspective on risk management and efficiency maximisation. The whole team at Shearwater Marine Services are fully aware of the unique and diverse challenges involved in operating in a highly regulated nuclear base and strives to set the highest standards for safety and technical prowess. Shearwater's accomplishments have made it a highly accomplished, skilled, and trusted supplier for MOD and its industry partners, advancing the company into a highly complex and technical environment.

Defence Diving & Marine Engineering specialists

Investment in Efficiency

Shearwater is committed to supporting critical MoD asset requirements, no matter how big or small. Over the years, we have proven our capability and willingness to invest, develop, and commit to providing quality and reliable service, whether for emergent or planned tasks. Each task is treated with the same professionalism, dedication, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

To provide the best possible service, Shearwater diving teams are supported with dedicated dive support vessels and MoD locations. All vessels are equipped with surface-supplied dive equipment, diver recovery systems, certified lifting equipment, and welfare facilities.

As the vessels are primarily dedicated to work on the base, they remain stationed there, saving time and costs on mobilisations to and from the naval base which also allows Shearwater to react almost instantaneously to any emergent requirements that may arise.


Shearwater Marine Services is proud of its extensive experience and expertise in providing high-quality engineering services to the Royal Navy. Our team has had the privilege of working on a number of Royal Navy vessels, providing in-water engineering services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

We are proud to showcase the insignia of the Royal Navy vessels we have worked on, highlighting our proud history of collaboration with the Royal Navy. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety is reflected in our work on these vessels.

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