History of Shearwater Marine Services

30+ years

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Company Founded

Shearwater Marine Services was founded in 1992 by Alastair Baird and Tom Brannan. In its early years, Shearwater Marine Services worked primarily on small civil engineering contracts in Argyll & Bute, as well as local fish farm maintenance contracts. These projects allowed the company to establish a foothold in the industry and gain valuable experience, which helped to pave the way for its expansion into larger and more complex projects. Over time, Shearwater's reputation for quality and reliability grew, leading to more significant contracts and partnerships with clients across a range of sectors.


Supporting Defence Infrastructure

Shearwater Marine Services has been providing high-quality services to the defence infrastructure inspection program, through which the company has been contracted to support the management and maintenance of HMNB Clyde and RNAD Coulport's Waterfront with specialist subsea inspection engineers since 1994.


Submarine In-Water Engineering

Shearwater has demonstrated their expertise in supporting the Royal Navy Submarine Maintenance Program since March 1997, with their first contract on the RN Submarine Service. Shearwater has accumulated hundreds of thousands of diving hours on the UK's CASD, making them one of the trusted and reliable partners for the Royal Navy Submarine Fleet, providing 24/7 maintenance and inspection support.


Committed to Quality

Shearwater Marine Services is proud to have been ISO 9001 accredited since 1997. This certification demonstrates our commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction. As a leading provider of subsea and surface engineering, we strive to meet the highest standards of excellence in every project we undertake.


Topside Marine Support

In 1998, Shearwater provided their first topside marine support for submarine docking. The company's expertise in marine engineering and diving allowed them to offer a range of topside services to support the submarines during these crucial operations which continues with over 40 trades including slingers, fabricators, electricians & mechanical engineers currently operating in HMNB Clyde.


Large-Scale Civil Engineering

In 2003, Shearwater Marine Services won their first £1 million contract to install subsea cabling at Billia Croo, Orkney. This marked a significant milestone for the company's civil engineering services, demonstrating their capability to secure and execute large-scale projects in the industry.


The Academy

In 2004, Shearwater' directors expanded their business portfolio and established the Professional Diving Academy, which offers commercial diver training for inshore and offshore operations. This move marked an important milestone for the company, as it diversified its services to include training and education, as well as diving and marine engineering services. The Professional Diving Academy has since become a renowned institution for commercial diver training, providing industry-standard training courses for divers across the UK and internationally.


Supporting NSRS Operations

Since 2011, Shearwater welders, fabricators and marine operatives have supported the NATO Submarine Rescue Systems (NSRS) operations. Close cooperation and collaboration between different organisations is necessary for each operation to ensure the safety and security of the UK and NATO CASD and their crews.


Dive Support for Major Ferry Operator

SInce 2016, Shearwater Marine Services has been CalMac Ferries lead diving contractor to support their 31 strong fleet and harbour operations which consists of emergency and planned support services. Shearwater are currently in their second 5year framework term as CalMac's Principal Diving Contractor and will continue to support and provide assistance when called apon.


Raising the Standard

In September 2021, Shearwater Marine Services achieved a significant milestone by gaining ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 accreditation through DNV. This demonstrated the company's commitment to quality management, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety. The accreditation process involved an extensive assessment of Shearwater's operations, policies, and procedures, ensuring they met international standards.